Single take, degraded quality recording. Just do, don’t stop.

By the grace of God
If I can I will,
Let my light shine
Brighter than your eyes can see,
My rays of intellect,
Further than that lazy eight – infinity,
Recreate myself through digital tones,
Here in flesh,
Flesh and bones…

Like Homegrown,
Iscer on a path to create a future where i-Robots moan,
Give me a microphone and feed me,

Close my eyes to subtract the lies and face facts,
No use trying you fake cats,
I repeat, playback
Lay back,
Let my thoughts guide your vision,
Born Afro-sapien, God-body flowing through my system,
The wisdom penetrates your skin,
like Amore, Je Et Taim, I Love You.
No use trying to run from it,
It’ll become you.
A fallen angel
Just trying to find my way back to the grace of God,
I’m perfectly broken,
Allah U Akhbar,
And the industries fall to the cries of unborn children,
Born to a slave state
Of an Earth-bound prison.
Rivers don’t flow anymore.
They bleed crimson.
And the clouds aren’t real,
And the trees are still standing,
And inflation of the ego is the problem,
These animals are so damn demanding.
“Man what am I doing? I can’t stand it!” “Let go”

Multitudes of conscious thought,
My body fought,
Tried to stop the soul,
But the thoughts just turned to God’s cross,
I sort,
Sorta like a shepard searching for sheep,
Lost, and at what cost?
A delicate decibel,
Intertwined with tender lifestyles,
My friends paid the price with fake smiles,
And inhalations,
This is coming from an evolved Afro-sapien,
“theshinjukueffect” simply changing the pace,
To allow the slow to administer thought,
I’m not your store-bought figure of eight,
Size perfect stereotype,
I use my stereo instead to create hype out of God’s light.

And it came to my hand,
By the touch of a can,
Scratch of a pencil or scroll of a mouse,
Unlike these ego-kittens,
I don’t give a fuck
If I live in this Dirty South,
My mouth is censored,
From sensimillia,
All because simple people want Complex things,
I don’t understand so instead I bring stings
Of wordplay,
Abraham had a sheep in his day,
This human body since birth
Is starting to decay…
This human body since birth
Is starting to decay…
This human body since birth
Is starting to decay…
This human body since birth….. “Wake Up”

They just split the atom
And their minds couldn’t fathom,
And the East gets bigger
And the Earth gets sicker,
The quicker the rift gets cut swift or shot with trigger,
The richer, we all can be…

Remember, the best way to find yourself,
is to lose yourself in the service of others.
Rest In Peace – Mahatma Ghandi
Rest In Peace – Dr Martin Luther King
Rest In Peace – Steve Biko